Not Sure What To Do With Your Old Car? What Are Your Best Options?

17 March 2017
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If you're tired of looking at the old or inoperable vehicle sitting in your driveway but don't want to deal with the hassle of trading it in for a new vehicle, you may be wondering about your options. Fortunately, there are several fairly hassle-free options that won't leave you wandering around a used car lot or forced to have your car or truck towed to its new location. Read on to learn more about a few of your alternatives when it comes time to dispose of your old vehicle. 

Sell for cash

Selling your vehicle to a private party has become simpler than ever with the advent of online bulletin board and garage sale sites; often, all you'll need to do is post a picture or two and the phrase "make an offer" to receive a number of cash offers. Although you can usually expect some dickering over the price, this is often a good way to get rid of an old vehicle without requiring you to take out an ad in the paper or jump through any other hoops in order to advertise it to a wide local audience. 

Donate to charity

If your vehicle is in good running condition but you don't want to go through the hassle of finding a purchaser, you might instead opt to donate it to a charitable organization. There are a number of charities that collect and resell these vehicles or even donate them to local residents in need of inexpensive transportation.

A number of these charitable organizations will manage the pickup of your vehicle, deducting any costs from your total donation amount to avoid charging you a fee. This can allow you to rid yourself of an unwanted vehicle and obtain a valuable tax deduction with only a phone call. 

Donate to a trade school

If you've ever wondered how your local dealership's mechanics have been trained to diagnose and repair problems, you may be interested to learn that a number of trade schools depend on people like you to donate old or inoperable vehicles for training purposes. 

This can be a great option if your vehicle has been sidelined due to mechanical issues, particularly issues that weren't easily identified by your own mechanic. Donating your car to a trade school for student learning purposes can help train future mechanics and – if the trade school is a public or state-sponsored school – perhaps help you qualify for another charitable deduction.